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my Portal, what should a User I Invited expect?
Moderator access must be requested though your Site Admin.If you have adequate permissions, you can Invite Users at a lower permission level than yourself.Another article in this section walks through...
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getting started with my Portal
multipage pdf of annotated screenshots of your Portal to get acquainted with the interface.view online here:https://cloud.dollaradaysites.net/s/YTnpQrkJb750qYD 
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features of my Portal
Account includes an initial quantity of paid-seats (Access to ALL User's Assigned Workspaces)(minimum of 4)(consult your rep for your package specific terms)Additional paid-seats can be added at any t...
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available User permissions in my Portal
Your Portal Account was purchased with a initial number of paid-seats, and additional paid-seats can be added at any time.You have an unlimited number of non-billed seats in your Account.* denotes a s...
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What are paid-seats/Account Moderators of my Portal, and how is that billed?
Your Portal Account is purchased with an initially set number of Account Moderator Seats.Account Moderators must be added to the Account by the Site Admin.Any User that is invited to more than 2 Works...
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add a new Customer to my Portal overview
First create a Workspace for the Customer's content, naming the Workspace according to how you refer to the Customer (full name, business name, nickname, account id, it's up to you), then from within ...
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create a Workspace in my Portal for a Customer
You must be an Account Level Moderator to create a Workspace.Login to your Portal.Click on the interface's 'Home' button in the top-left.Click on the 'Create A Workspace' button to the right.Enter a W...
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Invite a Customer to their Workspace in my Portal
You must be an Account Level Moderator to Invite Customers to their respective Workspace.First, navigate into the Workspace belonging to the Customer, which you need to Invite them to.Click on the Sha...
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What can't I do? (having to contact the Site Admin) in my Portal [owners]
Account level Moderator is the highest level you can be in your entity's Account. Contact one of your Moderators for assistance if you do not have adequate permissions for a task.This article assumes ...
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How do I know if a User has completed their Invite?
To do so at a glance, you can check activity logs. Or from within a Workspace, hit the Share/Invite button, if they are still listed as their email address and not their first and last name - they hav...
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I need to message ALL Users of my Portal
(Article assumes you are a Moderator)If the message is brief and text only, send the drafted notice to your Site Admin via the Portal message button in the Site Admin's Workspace. Please denote the st...
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(moderator) I mis-typed a Workspace name or User email address
As a safety feature, you cannot delete Workspaces or Users out-right from the system. If you had a typo in a Workspace name or User invite, simply do it again correctly and send a portal message from ...
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Where do I go to sign in to my Portal?
All Users, from Moderators down to the lowest level permissions, all sign in in the same place. Typically there is a button on your entity's website for Customer/Client Portal.
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I forgot my Portal password
Go to your Portal login, typically a button for Customer/Client Portal on your entity's website, enter your email address, then click 'Forgot your Password?'. The system will handle it from there.
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Portal error message: This account has no users left.
You tried to invite a user to their Workspace in your Portal and see the "This account has no users left. Please contact your account administrator to invite more." notification.There is a 15-day setu...
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file won't upload to Portal
Here are some known scenarios where files will not upload to the Portal:The file being uploaded currently resides within a .zip folder on the local machine.FIX: unzip the local archive, then upload th...
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changing my Portal notification settings
to learn how to change YOUR Portal notification settings, view the online PDF here: https://cloud.dollaradaysites.net/s/D8w8AAuykdwoZkhThe steps are the same for Moderators, Creators, any User permis...
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I invited a User to their Workspace at the wrong permission level. What do I do?
Go back into that Workspace.click on Share.in the list of the invited, find the User that is at the wrong Permission Level. (was probably set to Downloader)in that Permission Level dropdown, select th...
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How do I get IRS compliant signatures in Portal?
I have a CPA firm, how do i get documents signed (IRS compliant) through the Portal? Great question, first lets cover some basics: "E-sign" means a physical signature on a signature pad connected to a...
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within non-billed seats, permitting/denying access to workspaces
any user remains a non-billed seat as long as they are invited to 2 or less workspaces.should a user have a business having multiple stores, the multiple stores can be setup as subfolders within a sin...
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