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 What are paid-seats/Account Moderators of my Portal, and how is that billed?


Your Portal Account is purchased with an initially set number of Account Moderator Seats.
Account Moderators must be added to the Account by the Site Admin.
Any User that is invited to more than 2 Workspaces counts as a Moderator Seat.
Additional Moderator Seats are $250 each, paid upfront annually, due on activation.

For shared workloads where segregated notifications between Moderators is not necessary, a Moderator Group can be requested from the Site Admin.
A Moderator Group shares a single login credential set, and all Members of the Moderator Group see all Notifications related to that Moderator Group.
Moderator Groups can reduce your Portal cost-of-ownership, where Moderator Teams can work closely with each other, under a common login.
A Moderator Group 'User' would make use of a group-forwarder email address, allowing each Moderator Group Member to continue using their normal individual email address.
Actions performed by the Moderator Group do not denote which Member of the Group performed the action, if this notation is deemed necessary, it is the responsibility of the Moderator Group Member to place the necessary notes into the Workspace's Files and Messages that they act upon.

Your Customers whom access only their Workspace, at the Creator permission level - or - whom access less than 3 Workspaces at any level of Creator or below (let's say the customer has a personal AND a business account with you) - are non-billed seats.

If you have a Customer whom has more than 2 accounts with your company, you have these options:
1.) Instead of creating multiple Workspaces for each entity of the Customer, create subfolders within a single workspace for that Customer - allowing the Customer to act upon all their account with your company behind a single login.
2.) You can use alternate email addresses for each of the Customer's additional Workspaces. This will require the Customer to operate multiple logins to your Portal separately, which keeps the information between customer entities segregated.
3.) You decide that the Customer can become Creator with 3 or more Workspace Invites, which will consume 1 paid-seat. It is up to you whether to relay the paid-seat cost on to your Customer as a "premium service" in usage of your otherwise free-to-them Portal.

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