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 What can't I do? (having to contact the Site Admin) in my Portal [owners]


Account level Moderator is the highest level you can be in your entity's Account. Contact one of your Moderators for assistance if you do not have adequate permissions for a task.
This article assumes you are an Account level Moderator..

Your designated Site Admin has a Workspace folder labeled 'Site Admin'. Go to that Workspace, then click on Messages, then click the 'New Message' button to write a new message to the Site Admin.
Reasons to message the Site Admin could include:
request a Workspace deletion,
request a User deletion,
request a new Moderator be added,
request a Moderator be demoted, 
request a User be escalated to Moderator,
or request a User be suspended.

If you are instead looking for help for you or a colleague, there is a 'Get Support' link on the right side within the Site Admin Workspace (that probably got you here) or you can direct your colleagues to visit https://help.dollaradaysites.net , click on 'knowledgebase', click on the 'portal' section. Once there, they can open a support ticket if they cannot find the answers they are looking for.

Completed support tickets, when feasible, are scrubbed for security purposes, then added to the knowledgebase.

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