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 features of my Portal


Account includes an initial quantity of paid-seats (Access to ALL User's Assigned Workspaces)(minimum of 4)(consult your rep for your package specific terms)
Additional paid-seats can be added at any time for $250/year, paid upfront annually, on a per seat basis
Unlimited # of non-billed Users (assigned to 1-2 Workspaces, assignment of any User level to 3 or more Workspaces consumes a paid-seat)
Unlimited # of Workspaces
Simple Invitation/New User Acceptance process
100% browser based, no software or app to install
Files strictly and securely segregated by Workspaces assigned to specific User(s)
Unlimited file/folder secure storage per Workspace
Files/folders are encrypted in-transit, and at-rest
5 GB max file size per file
Messaging between Users at Workspace level and below
Custom branded interface and URL
Friendly and familiar folder organization with list and thumbnail view
Drag-and-drop ease-of-use
Move and Copy Uploaded files
Download folders in a single-click
Creation of password-protected external links per file
Custom Session Timeouts per Account
Data Room Read-only mode option per Workspace
Audit trails per file (with notifications)
Faster communication (you get notified by the system when a customer acts on a file, customer gets notified by system when you act on a file)
Full text search
Our concierge setup & onboarding
Permissions Control
Email Notifications Customization per user
Fully legal, financial, and Hippa compliant*
Prompt Users of short notifications at login
Activity logs
Version control for files
Tons of supported file types
Only previewer for common file types
Option for file age-out auto-deletion per Account
fully featured mobile version**

"I didnt get the invoice"
"I couldnt open the attachment"
"The file was too big"
"I dont have enough space in my account"
"The server is almost full"
"I didnt see the attachment"
"I cant work this software"
"I forgot to let you know"
"I swear I sent it"
"I couldnt figure out how to do it on my device"
"I accidentally deleted it"
"I need this file from you again"
"I cant find it in my email, can you resend it?"
"Where do I go again?"
"I dont know which folder it is in"

*so long as any User with adequate permissions doesn't externally share a secure-link to destinations other than authorized recipients, agreement prompts available.
**different mobile devices/browsers may present some limitations


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