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I'm a new user/customer, what should I expect?
Once a Moderator has Invited you, a User, to a Workspace assigned to you within their Portal:You will receive an email.In that email is a link you will click which will bring you to the login of the o...
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Where do i sign in to my Workspace in my service-provider's Portal?
All Users, from Creators down to the lowest level permissions, all sign in in the same place. Typically there is a button on your service provider's website for 'Customer/Client Portal'.Or there will ...
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I forgot my Workspace password
Go to your Workspace login, typically a button for 'Customer/Client Portal' on your service provider's website (or by clicking a link within a notification email), once at the sign-in page: enter your...
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Files fail to upload to my Workspace
Here are some known scenarios where files will not upload to the Portal:The file you are attempting to upload currently resides within a .zip folder on your local machine.FIX: unzip the local archive,...
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I don't have the option to upload files to my Workspace
Within your Workspace, the 'upload' button in the files section doesn't exist or is greyed-out.The Moderator at your service provider's Portal Invited you to your Workspace at a permission level lower...
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changing my Workspace notification settings
to learn how to change YOUR Workspace notification settings at your service-provider's Portal, view the online PDF here: https://cloud.dollaradaysites.net/s/D8w8AAuykdwoZkhThe steps are the same for ...
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Why is my service provider billing me for being a "premium User"?
Typically, solely at the discretion of the service provider, there is no charge for you to be a User within a service provider's Portal.Being invited to 3 or more Workspaces within a Portal constitute...
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I replied to a Workspace notification email, but I haven't gotten a response
I received a Workspace notification email, and I replied to that email via my email.I did not get a response..That is not how the Portal/Workspace communication works.The Portal is designed with top-t...
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How do I electronically sign a document?
How do I electronically sign a document my Firm sent me through the Portal?Great question, first lets cover some basics:"E-sign" actually means a physical signature on a signature-pad connected to a c...
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