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 the domain transfer-out process


Be sure to first check out these 2 articles: 

1. Contact your sales representative or the company president to notify us of your intent to transfer-out your domain from us.

2. Email us your domain name, your full name, business physical address, business phone number, contact phone number, email address, which representative you spoke with, and the name/URL of the host you are transferring to - to here: domains@dollaradaysites.net with the subject of DOMAIN TRANSFER OUT.

3. Within 2 business days, after we have verified your request internally, we will unlock the domain and email you the epp code. We do not supply customers with cpanel access.

4. You supply your new host/registrar with the epp code and you/they initiate the transfer-out.

5. We will receive 1-9 emails about the transfer process that we will immediately forward to you for further processing, WHICH YOU MUST ACT ON IN A TIMELY MANNER. These emails must be forwarded to you, and NOT to your new registrar/host. Should you change your mind, you have control of aborting the process.

6. Upon your new registrar notifying you of a successfully completed transfer - you must verify that the domain contact info, nameservers, and dns records are edited to the new/correct settings at your new registrar. If you don't update the carried over contact info, you will miss urgent communications from your new registrar which could result in your domain being suspended or forfeited! Be aware that some gaining registrars copy over dns records during the transfer, and some copy additionally or only the nameserver records. Once your domain is transferred away from us, the dns records for that domain dissolve. The new registrar MUST correct the nameservers to their nameservers if applicable, and must set the necessary dns records from within their system if applicable.

7. Contact your sales representative or the company president to cancel the necessary services you have with us.

We can continue to supply certain billed services even if your domain is transferred away from us, such as your website (doing so will NOT circumvent any of the steps outlined above, the gaining registrar will still have to set the necessary nameserver and dns records as per #6), discuss with your sales representative prior to transfer for more information. As an example, we do not charge for renewal of a primary domain, therefore your costs to have a website with us does not decrease because the domain was transferred to another registrar, just as getting a new website with us is not cheaper if you already have and keep your domain at a third-party registrar when hiring us to do your website.

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