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 domain transfer-out eligibility


To be eligible for domain transfer, the domain must be on its current registrar for more than 60 days, a recent transfer-in or renewal MAY reset that clock on some registrars (and we do make use of several on the backend), and there must be more than 45 days before the next renewal date with some of our backend registrars.

Should you desire to relocate services away from us prior to any ICANN mandated 60 day lock release, we will modify the necessary nameservers or dns records to utilize the domain with the new provider in the interim, until the time that the domain can be actually transferred – free of charge from us.

If the domain is too near its renewal to transfer, we will charge you for the renewal of the domain at a non-inflated fee, and modify the necessary nameservers or dns to make use of your new provider, until the time that the domain is eligible for transfer-out.

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