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 using your domain with Office 365 or other domain relative third-party services.


Newer detailed article here: https://help.dollaradaysites.net/knowledgebase.php?article=112 
If we handle your domain for you and you want to run email with Office 365:
First, you request from us that the domain contact information be changed to your information.
This is not recommended unless you are going to make use of Office 365 services, as having your contact information listed for the domain will result in you receiving legitimate AND fraudulent emails about the ownership of your domain and other spam messages, as well as fraudulent/spam/telemarketer phone calls.
This is complicated by the fact that the legitimate emails about the ownership of your domain MUST be acted upon or your domain will be suspended, and the legitimate messages often get marked as spam. The fraudulent messages are well designed to dupe you into signing away ownership of your domain or contracting you to bogus services. And with your email address being listed on public record, there will also be an influx of general spam. The majority of the phonecalls you receive about your domain will be fraudulent, the only legitimate calls you will receive about your domain will be the ones you are notified about by a service provider before they occur (i.e.: some software your are activating on your domain, as part of its activation process says that you will be getting a phonecall to verify identity).
We will do what we can to assist in the navigation through the junk for you to act on the legitimate, but this can be hindered by the fact that that legitimate domain action messages you received will be blocked by your email provider from being forwarded over to us for review, and remote connection sessions do result in technical support charges from us.

Before you request that we change the domain contact information:
You have to supply us with a contact email address that will not be affected by the email routing changes performed on your domain or within your Office 365 account.

If we change the domain contact information, for you to be able to verify domain ownership for Office 365 activation, this will cause a few things:
You will receive an email message that you must act on to approve the domain contact info change.
The change may take up to 24 hours to complete after your part of the approval is processed.
You can check the status of the whois info change here: https://www.whois.com/whois  
The domain will have a 60 day transfer lock enforced on it by ICANN.

Once the domain contact info change has completed:
You can start the process with Office 365 to verify your domain ownership.
During this process there will be email messages from Microsoft that have an hour time-limit for you to respond, do not start the Office 365 verification process until you can be at your domain contact email.
During this process there will be DNS record changes that you will have to forward to us, for us to apply to your domain.
We will let you know when those changes are completed so that you can move forward in that process.

After the DNS settings are completed, and your product is operating normally:
We recommend changing the domain contact information phone number to a fax line, if you have one.
ICANN requires that the listed number is a working number, but you do not want all those spam calls.
This additional change cannot be made during the 1st 60 day transfer lock and will impose an additional 60 day transfer lock.

We do not give clients DNS record access. We operate your domain on your behalf within our registrar account. If you would rather operate the domain entirely on your own, the domain can be transferred to the registrar of your choice, provided you are eligible for transfer, with no transfer locks on the domain, or existing products on the domain that would break due to a domain transfer.
We do not provide email for domains that are not in our registrar accounts.
It is the responsibility of you, the client, to migrate out any pre-existing email account content (messages, addressbook, filters, etc) from our servers prior-to the Office 365 domain verification/DNS record change process.

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