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 Domain purchase & transfer costs


Dollar A Day Websites does not charge you the customer for the standard** registration, or transfer-out of an initial domain - when there is a website, app, or marketing also purchased from us. Tertiary domains can be added to your account for a fee determined specifically to the applicable gTLD.

In the case of a transfer-in of an initial domain, there additionally is a one-year extension applied to the life of the domain, which remains with the domain even if the domain is transferred-out away from us. We eat this cost of the extension, we only charge for the transfer-in process.

We do not charge a domain release fee to release your domain for transfer-out.

You do not sign a service duration contract with us, we must earn the retention of your business each month.

Be advised that in the case of moving your domain away from us, most other registrars may charge at least a one-year extension added to the life of the domain (which is a common practice in the industry, we eat that cost when transferring to us, where others may not). You will have to consult with that outside provider to see what their standard operating procedure is.

It is an industry standard ICANN policy that any domain, whether new or transferred, reside with a registrar for 60 days before it is able to be transferred away to another registrar. Should you desire to relocate services away from us prior to that 60 day lock release, we will modify the necessary nameservers or dns records to utilize the domain itself with the new provider in the interim, until the time that the domain can be actually transferred. – again free of charge from us.

Should you decide to move your website services away from us, we will not remain in place as your registrar: if we are neither your website provider, app provider, nor your internet marketing provider. In this case it would be your or your chosen website provider’s responsibility to take direct ownership of the domain. If in which case should you decide that you want to have direct control of the domain yourself without giving full control to the chosen website provider, we will be glad to consult with you in your choosing and implementation of a gaining registrar account in your name.

Should you move your website away from us, but retain us as your internet marketing provider, we can remain as your domain registrar for the life of that marketing account.

All ICANN restrictions, procedures, and locks apply.

**any necessary support above the normal process, such as a domain rescue, or any other feats of maximum effort will be billed according to the additional time involved.

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