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 domain transfer-in eligibility


To be eligible for domain transfer, the domain must be on its current hosting for more that 60 days, a recent transfer or renewal MAY reset that clock on some registrars, and there must be more than 45 days before the next renewal date with some registrars.

There must not be any contact information change within the last 60 days for the domain. If domain contact info is incorrect or of out of date, DO NOT make changes on your own. Our support staff can arbitrate those changes on your behalf, hopefully (depending on the current registrar) getting any ICANN locks waived, so that the transfer can expediently begin.

It is not advisable for the client [you] to contact the current registrar unassisted, because - for example: part of most other registrar’s prescribed support team duties is to perform actions such as “update your email address on file” – which exploits ICANN rules, locking the domain to that registrar for an additional 60 days – legally holding the domain hostage due to a response coerced from a client whom is under-informed of ICANN domain rules, regulations, and procedures - potentially giving them reason to charge you additional fees. We (dollar a day) do not partake in these grey-area tactics, do not claim domain ownership of our client’s domains, and also do not charge a domain release fee. Domain administration and transfer is a strict and complex process, it is our (dollar a day) goal to make this process as headache-free as possible for [you] our client.

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