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 Should I let my domain expire at my current registrar, then re-purchase it at Dollaraday?


No, that is a very bad idea, here is why:
Once you own a domain, you should never let it expire. Some registrars reserve the right to retain ownership of a domain after it expires, choosing to resell it at higher price (already having buyers on standby) or listing it for auction to the highest bidder. Such is a practice we do not participate in, yet it is an accepted practice in the industry. Once a domain expires, it SHOULD go into a recovery period - allowing you to repurchase it for an elevated fee set by the registrar. However, if your domain was purchased as part of a package with a third-party reseller, or "given" to you as part of a promotional package by a reseller - your domain may not technically belong to you, and failure to renew the domain, or to renew the contracted services with the third-party reseller, may forfeit your rights to the domain in question (again another practice we do not participate in, but is an accepted practice within the industry). When a domain is at our registrar, we do not claim any ownership of the domain itself, it is entirely your property. We do set the WHOIS records to our information to reduce the spam that you as a domain owner would normally be flooded with, and we act as a gatekeeper against fraudulent correspondence that aims to dupe you into giving away the rights to your domain under the premise of some "renewal due". We administer your domain on your behalf in a concierge manner. While you will have zero cpanel or dashboard access to the domain, alterations are readily performed at your request. We do not charge a domain transfer-out fee, and a domain can be transferred away to a registrar of your choice at any time permitted by ICANN rules governing domain transfers.

In short, once you allow a domain to expire, there is no guarantee that it can be regained at any cost. When a domain is transferred to us (it remains your property), typically the remaining time of the original domain registration transfers over with the domain, and the transfer process itself adds one year of registration beyond the original expiration date.

It is also worth noting that with domain expirations and/or contract expirations with third-party providers, any associated services' content may be auto-erased at the time of expiration, non-renewal, transfer-out, or cancellation. Have any email, storage, site, and service content migrated or downloaded prior-to the ceasing of service with a third-party or there may be no way of recovering that data.

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