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 connecting an external-to-us Office 365 account to your domain with-us


We handle domains in a concierge manner for our clients, and there is no direct cpanel access to be delegated. So here’s how we handle this:

Please send us the necessary contact info for the domain, and we will update the domain contact information accordingly.

Contact Name:


Company Name:






*The email account owner assumes the responsibility of the following: You will receive legitimate AND spam email about the ownership of your domain. The legitimate ones MUST be acted on (or your domain can be suspended), and the spam ones must NOT (be sure to check your spam folder, as legitimate often get put there). To complicate matters, the spam ones are crafted to look legitimate, to dupe folks into signing over their domain to someone else. If in doubt, contact us and we will direct you on which emails are legitimate (You will likely be blocked by Office from forwarding those emails to us, as most domain related emails get marked as spam, whether they are legitimate or not). Additionally you will receive telemarketer/spam calls about your domain, we would recommend that the phone number on your domain contact be changed to your fax number after Office 365 setup is completed. Per ICANN regulations, the phone number must be a working number, but you don’t want all those telemarketer/spam calls.

From office 365 you will have a TXT record to supply to us, that we will add to the DNS for the domain.

During the office 365 validation process, you will receive from Microsoft a verification code that you will have to act upon within an hour or less from the time of issuance.


You will also have MX, CNAME, and TXT records to supply us, that we will add to the DNS for the domain - for the email routing and SPF.

During these processes, you can check the status of things by visiting:

Whois status http://whois.domaintools.com/[type your domain here, no www]

TXT status https://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx?action=txt%3a[type your domain here, no www]&run=toolpage

MX status https://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx?action=mx%3a[type your domain here]&run=toolpage

CNAME status https://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx?action=cname%3aautodiscover.[type your domain here, no www]&run=toolpage

FYI, we run a hard TTL of 1 hour.


Any pre-existing domain-relative email accounts with us will need to be migrated from our servers to the office 365 server space via IMAP prior-to supplying the MX & CNAME records to us. Login to http://webmail.dollaradaysites.net for each account to export the address book - if our webmail was used to operate the email account.

Be advised that the contact info change to the domain, per ICANN policy, will impose a 60 day transfer-lock on the domain to our registrar.

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