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 Is my desired domain available?


That's a great question! Just because you try it and get no result does not mean that it is available.

Be wary of various registrars, host, resellers, and sites that have a free domain availability lookup tool. Some are known to monitor activity, and if a recent search looks like a worthy investment (for any number of reasons), that provider may purchase the domain to auction/resell it themselves before you can purchase it.

We recommend contacting one of our sales representatives or our company president, and discuss with them the domain that you want, and the options you would consider.

Our sales team will research the domain availability for you, and provide suggestions as well. They will also look at similar domains to see if any are direct competitors, and may discuss with you whether you want to get any tertiary domains to solidify your brand against competition.

They will also discuss your service needs, and direct you to whether you need a single domain, multiple domains, make use of subdomains, or a combination thereof - ultimately we aim to provide the simplest, most cost-efficient way to achieve your online goals.

Visit www.dollaradaysites.net to contact us about your domain needs.

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