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 How we provide SSL certificates


Google Chrome is changing the way non-HTTPS sites are identified in the address bar. They already changed how such affects rankings. With their market share of the browser industry, and that they are THE primary platform for internet marketing - demand for SSL certificates to make your website HTTPS secure has snowballed. For the most part, until recently, SSL certificates were considered a necessity only for sites that accept private data input, or of course online point-of-sale.

You've asked what we charge, here's the answer: $15/month (or $150/yr, if you pay upfront annually)

An SSL certificate for the root domain (does not include subdomains) INCLUDING installation (and uninstallation at the end of term), only $15/month. Most providers charge for the certificate up front, with installation being an additional cost - we don't. No major upfront cost, and we handle it all for you.

Do I need or even want an SSL certificate? The info in this link can help you decide: https://help.dollaradaysites.net/knowledgebase.php?article=37 

We will only sell you an SSL certificate if your domain is administered in-house by us. If your domain is at another registrar, you've got to get an SSL certificate from them, or from their approved reseller. We don't accept externally purchased (or free) SSL certificates into our system, and we do not sell SSL certificates for external use. SSL certificates do not transfer-away with a domain that leaves us. SSL certificates do not get "renewed", near an end-of-term a new certificate must be purchased and installed, and the old certificate uninstalled. Depending on the hosting platform at other providers, this can be a challenging task. If your domain is with us, you don't have to give that whole process a second thought. We can also/instead sell you a wildcard SSL certificate if you need subdomains covered - contact your sales rep for more info.

Contact your Dollar A Day Websites & Marketing independent sales representative, or visit https://dollaradaysites.net to see how our offerings can be a fit for you.
We are a no-contract company, we have to earn your business on a monthly basis.

The names Google & Chrome are the property of Google, Inc. used for educational purposes.

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