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What is the difference between Leads, Acccounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and Targets?
Leads:In The HUB a Lead is an unqualified contact usually generated from some form of marketing related event, for example it could be a person that has filled out a form on your website or someone th...
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HUB user guide
This is the online user's guide for SuiteCRM which The HUB is built upon.Be advised that some content may not apply to you, and some features/capabilites of The HUB may be restricted from your install...
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How To open a support ticket for The HUB
at the top of this page, click on 'ticket', click on 'submit a ticket', choose the 'hub' category, fill in your ticket, and hit 'submit ticket'.ORclick hereĀ , fill in your ticket, and hit 'submit tic...
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