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 setting up email in third-party app & softwares


3rd-party Software & App use

The outgoing SMTP mail server REQUIRES authentication enabled (username and password) [this is login before sending, this is NOT the 'SPA' checkbox in Outlook] - Your account will be PERMANENTLY BANNED if this is not set!

When setting up the account in your respective app or software, DO NOT use autoconfigure options. Your account may be permanently BANNED due to mistakes made by autoconfigure, even if the account appears to function. Follow the instructions provided by us.

Before setting up your account in 3rd-party softwares or apps, login to your account via webmail by visiting http://webmail.dollaradaysites.net (or webmail.libertymorning.com if you are a customer in that system) to verify you know your new email address and password. We allow for account access via IMAP or POP (inbound) and SMTP (outbound) with any third-party software, app, or webmail service - provided that the third-party solution is set to use our servers over the selected secure ports with SSL turned on. Our SPF policies do not allow for sending as an "alias" from other software, apps, or services - the destination server will decline the email in those cases due to SPF instruction. Using third-party solutions will not remove your ability to use our provided webmail access. Our filter system only operates within active webmail sessions, so it is the responsibility of the third-party solution to administer its own filtering system. If using a combination of connection methods be sure to first educate yourself on the differences in IMAP and POP and the variable settings for each, beyond the extent of the brief info provided here.

IMAP means that, if properly configured, actions performed on a client machine are reflected on the server so that other machines will show the same activity and contents when later connected to the server. Several desktop softwares are known to run slower with IMAP connections due to the extra server to local file comparison involved.

POP means that actions performed on a client machine happen only on that machine, depending on applied settings, server contents may not be further available for other machines later.

Contents such as the address book is not transferred via the IMAP or POP protocol. Address books must be imported/exported via the webmail interface itself.

If setting up in an iDevice as a new account, select OTHER as the initial email account type. In recent iOS versions, on an iDevice the default email app setup process tried to figure out the pop/imap decision for you, but since our accounts offer both types consecutively - there is no straightforward way to control which option is auto-selects, or even change it after the fact. To workaround this, when setting up the account: intentionally put in an additional odd character into the email address itself (such as an extra "q" on the end of the name to the left of the @ symbol in the email address). This will cause the autodiscovery to fail, and allow you to manually enter all the account details, including choosing the access type of either POP or IMAP.

edit: if you need to update the server settings in Outlook for any reason, some versions of Outlook will not successfully apply the server changes on the first few attempts. Close and re-open Outlook and choose to edit the account settings again - to verify your changes were kept. This seems to affect versions of Outlook published when Outlook was transitioning from a computer installed software to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model now present in Office 365 Outlook.

Connection Info
Choose manual setup, using the information below. DO NOT use autoconfigure options, autoconfigure can make mistakes resulting in your account being permanently banned, even if the account appears to function.


IMAP configuration
imap server: secure246.inmotionhosting.com
imap port: 993
connection security: SSL
username: (the entire email address)
password: (the password you set during registration)
authentication type: password

POP configuration
pop3 server: secure246.inmotionhosting.com
pop3 port: 995
connection security: SSL
username: (the entire email address)
password: (the password you set during registration)


SMTP configuration
smtp server: secure246.inmotionhosting.com
smtp port: 465
connection security: SSL
username: (the entire email address)
password: (the password you set during registration)
this outgoing mail server SMTP does require authentication enabled - Your account will be banned if this is not set!
Outlook users: Secure Password Authentication (SPA) is NOT required [SPA is a microsoft process separate from the 'outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication' - which is required]

NOTICE: The server settings mentioned in the materials below are outdated, the servers are currently secure246.inmotionhosting.com NOT secure178.inmotionhosting.com as depicted!

(video) Add to Android mail app https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0OsP2hzQbg 

(video) Add to iOS mail app https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APqq_ieKqKQ

(PDF) Add to Gmail webmail https://libertymorningwebmail.com/current/gmailsteps.pdf

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