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 email filters for spam and for legitimate sorting


our email system allows all mail messages to be delivered to you, unless a message is virus that targets our servers itself.
ultra high risk messages have '***spam***' prepended to the subject line, but are not held back.
our webmail system has filters that run - when you make use of our webmail system.
using the 'filters/junk' button in our webmail system lets you choose conditions and actions to enforce on incoming mail, so it has many uses other than spam.

so, lets say you want to block a known sender of spam messages:
you can set the entire sender email address or just the domain part of the sender email address in the from section of a new filter, and then set either 'junk' or 'trash' as the move-to destination, depending on how you want those messages handled.
the webmail filters only operate when you use our webmail, if you additionally check your email on some installed software, the filters will not be engaged in by that software, but past operations by webmail will be present.
we have designed our system this way so that you have full control over what comes to your inbox, gone are the days to mysteriously never getting an important email [think aol], or having to login to webmail to find messages that erroneously got marked as spam so that your software never received them [think gmail].
our system does not make assumptions for you [think outlook.com], so for IT and other providers, many auto spam filters would hinder business by blocking spam false-positives, when it's vital that you decide what is received.

another feature of filters is controlling what lands where when checking for new messages with webmail:
you can create a filter so that certain keywords, senders, or even destinations (if you have forwarder accounts that come to your primary account) get automatically placed into custom folders, separate from your inbox.
for example, website form submissions could automatically get downloaded to a created 'submissions' folder, keeping them out of your way in your main inbox. If the filter is set to not mark those messages are read, then the unread number would increment on that folder in webmail, letting you know about additional messages.

our virus scanner only blocks messages that are a virus that targets our server itself. it is important that you run your own anti-virus on your machine, and do not open suspicious email messages. 
we put the control of what gets delivered where, in to the hands of the account owner, so that spam filtering does not hinder business, but it can also effectively keep the garbage out of your way. many folks have touted 'inbox-zero' as a goal, and in doing so have created a situation of broken communication, with legitimate messages being missed - at times with no way for the recipient to realize that there is an issue. our philosophy is to empower users to protect themselves; instead of protecting users from themselves at the cost of effective communication.

to alter an existing filter, simply delete the filter and recreate it with the adjusted settings. filters are processed top to bottom with oldest filters being at the top, to reorder filters, simply delete and recreate filters to achieve the necessary order.

the names 'aol', 'gmail', and 'outlook.com' used for educational purposes only.

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