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1. Bulk-mailing is NOT permitted, and is against usage policy. For bulk-mailing and campaigns (including newsletters), users should employ a specialized service such as our HUB product, etc. Your address book can be easily exported for use with outside services. Offenders of the no bulk-mailing policy are subject to immediate complete account termination with remaining account term being forfeit. Emailing activity approaching the necessity of a specialized service, such as mass/bulk emailing via our HUB: is 35 recipients per message, 35 recipients per hour, or daily mailings to a list.

2. SPF policies may prevent older softwares and services from sending email for the account. For your software or service to use an email account from our system, the software or service must accept and use our smtp server and secure ports in order to pass validation.

3. To email to a group in your address book, simply start typing in the group name and select it as the recipient.

4. We run a minimal spam filter server-side that delivers blatant spam with the subject line modified to read "***SPAM***" allowing you to set your own filter, whether to have those messages go to the junk folder or directly to trash folder. With the filters system you can set your own criteria for what you deem spam, and handle it as you see fit. The filters system is also useful for automating sorting of incoming emails to specific folders, such as having all emails from your wireless provider go directly to a folder you created for them, and choosing whether to mark them read or not when delivering to that folder - keeping your inbox clutter free. The filters system only operates during an active webmail session, filters cannot be used for server-side operations when utilizing your account with third-party softwares or apps. When using a third-party software or app, it is that solution's responsibility to have its own filters setup. Our setup ensures that you do not miss any important emails because of a server-side filter operation that never passed a result to your access method. Filters modified in webmail operate for both versions of webmail, desktop and mobile.

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