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 email - i'm confused, is this dollaraday or libertymorning?


Good question..
First, let's clarify, email means the message account. Webmail is merely a browser interface to access an email account.
So, you can check an email account with webmail, a software, or an app.
There are device specific default mail apps as well as a multitude of third-party apps.
Gmail.com is not your email, gmail.com is the webmail browser interface supplied to you so you can check your google provided email account (and other email accounts).
This is the same with Outlook.com, it is a webmail browser interface, not to be confused with the Outlook email checking software that resides on a computer as part of the Microsoft Office suite.
To complicate matters, the Gmail app is independent of the Gmail.com browser webmail.
And Windows 10 refers to some of it's softwares as apps, which are not to be confused with apps such as on the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS).
Windows 10 has an included Mail app that is a software independent of any other mail interfaces you have on that same machine.
And we haven't even gotten into exchange systems such as office365 which incorporates email accounts with many robust local and online features.

We (Dollar A Day) sell/provide email accounts, no integrated calendars or file clouds (Though we do separately sell group cloud services).
Because we focus on email, the specs of our email accounts exceed much of the competition in the similar price point (You may not need a cloud when you're not required to constantly delete emails..).

Additionally we provide as a value added service, our own webmail browser interface which works on computers, tablets, and phones.
DollarADay is the branding for the webmail interface provided to our website/domain clients. i.e.: you@yourdomain.com
LibertyMorning is the branding for the webmail interface provided to our email-only users. i.e.: you@lmmail.net or you@libertymorning.com

We do also produce and sell privately branded webmail interfaces for organizations who: 1.) want to fundraise. 2.) want domain-relative email accounts to solidify THEIR brand.

The email accounts we provide can be used with any (or any combination of) pop or imap softwares/apps/webmail interfaces. We don't restrict you to only our system.
For instance our email accounts can be checked from the Gmail.com webmail interface, or from the Gmail app on your mobile.
Of course the multitude of third-party systems are ever changing, so we recommend our webmail system along with the default mail apps of your devices.

Gmail, Outlook, Windows, Microsoft, Google, Android, and Apple brands are the property of their respective owners. The names are only used for educational purposes, and are not meant as a promotion of any specific brand.

For any of the curious souls out there, DO NOT attempt to open your account in a webmail branding of ours that you were not instructed to use - certain capabilities, settings, actions, filters, and address book are NOT shared between the interfaces. The interfaces are nearly identical, in that one does not have advantage over the other, however there are programmatic differences relative to your created account type. ONLY use the interface you were instructed to use when your account was created, otherwise your account will not function properly and furthermore your account will be erased and permanently banned.


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