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 email About SSL end to end protection


About SSL end to end protection 

Not only is our webmail interface site secured by SSL encryption, but the webmail interface itself connects to the servers with SSL encryption for inbound and outbound email. This end to end SSL security protects your account from unauthorized access. This coupled with an SPF policy ensures that only you can legitimately send email from your account. The session login validation process ensures that your active session cannot be opened on another machine, though logging in with multiple machines is allowed. Our account password application and reset system resides offline for increased security. When using our webmail system to access your account, your information is secure from the time it arrives in your inbox on the server until the time a sent email is stored on the recipient's server. We do allow use of third-party apps and softwares to access your account with us, but insist on use of SSL connections only. 

Built on Roundcube LTS 

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