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 Email Account Specifications


Account Specifications
36mb per attachment or per email message max.
25gb of account space, additional space available for nominal fee.
unlimited email aging, no need to constantly delete older emails.
Webmail, mobile webmail & third-party software or app access.
100% end to end SSL security when using webmail.
Imap & pop access, migration in and out of account via imap allowed.
Unified webmail system for desktop & mobile, what is done in one interface affects both.
No app updates to deprecate your current mobile OS.
With unified desktop & mobile webmail, your account and all actions can always be with you, even when you don’t have access to your own devices.

Desktop/mobile webmail vs software/app usage:
With webmail the account and all actions can always be with you, even when you don’t have access to YOUR devices.
Webmail may operate marginally slower than an installed software or app due to the network communication involved, yet our webmail uses minimal device resources with nothing to install or update for the system, and no storage is occupied on your devices – which is great for devices with limited capacity.
With softwares/apps, changes such as deletions or sends may not be carried over to your other devices – depending on their setup and capability, requiring you to wait until you get back to that other device or until you can make use of some telecommute method.
With softwares/apps server-side changes may not be shown in the selected user interface, resulting in missed communications. Not the case with webmail.
There may be a software or app with advanced features tailored to your specific needs, and we allow for accessing your account with those solutions.

We don’t snoop our email activity for advertisers:
Other companies heavily comb your tracking activity in order to push more solicitation emails to your account, and in ads within their interface.
We understand the need for online advertisement, but when you’ve paid us for our service, we’re not looking to make more off of you with an ad network.
We never sell customer lists, your privacy is our priority.
Any spam that you do receive will not have come as a result of our system.
We do reserve the right to run reports on general site traffic in and out of the system, but only as a system whole, not itemizing the specific user activities.

The reality of password security:
Security is our primary concern, and we have taken steps to ensure a worry-free experience.
Our unique account credential system resides offline.
Every step of our online system is SSL secured.
We require a higher complexity password.
​So the weakest link in our password security is your use of your same or similar password elsewhere.
Today people overshare on social media, and often use predictable means of deciding on passwords.
If you use a similar password at a less secure site that gets breached, our system cannot block a correct password.
We encourage you to come up with a unique password that you use ONLY with our system – for the highest level of security. ​

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