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 disable the "never remember passwords for this site" in mobile safari


whether accidentally or not, you want to disable that you had selected "never remember passwords for this site" in mobile safari.
this ability resided in several places through the growth of iOS, but at present 12.1.2 there is no menu at any level to support this edit about a particular URL.

1.at the login screen, tap on the password blank of the login form,
2.top on the "passwords" that show up above the keyboard,
3.enter your device PIN (you wont be prompted for a PIN if you do not use one),
4.choose any password that is saved for another site (no, it will not work on this site, but do this anyway),
5.the login will (of course) fail. back at the login screen,
6.type in the correct email address [or username - depending on your URL] and password (dont hit go or login yet),
7.tap the "passwords" that shows up above the keyboard,
8.tap 'update/save this password [for this site]',
9.NOW login,
10.logout, hit refresh, it should prompt you 'do you want to "use (your email here)" [to login].
you have now re-enabled password saving for this site AND updated the password entry for it.

As of 2019-01-07, Apple does not have a support article about this for the current iOS, and it was difficult to find supporting information via web search.
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If you know of or find a better way to acheive this, submit a support ticket and we will update this article.

The names Apple, Safari, and iOS used for educational purposes only.

edit: on subsequent attempts, it seems that the selecting another password TO fail was not needed prior-to "save this password" being a selection in the "passwords" area above the keyboard. perhaps this was from the "never remember.." being checked prior-to iOS update, or it may have to do something with how safari handles sessions. depending on your situation, you may be able to skip steps 4-7 if the "save this password" shows up for you after step 2-3.

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